We march around, Lord, will these walls fall down?

It’s been a while since I’ve written.

I don’t mean just on this blog. I mean, written period. For some reason, although writing is something I supposedly like to do, I don’t make time or space in my life for it. Obviously life got busy for me, but it’s not like other writers don’t have busy lives.

But I’m here. Now.

And being here, now, has always been behind some of my most critical flaws. When I lack presence, I make mistakes in my work, I leave relationships untended, and I spiral into an unchecked perception of reality that exists only in my head, unconfirmed by friends and family who care about it.

That’s melodramatic.

But I do have this terrible habit of always wanting to “self-preserve.” Take a nap. Daydream. Work on a menial project of no real consequence, because at least then, when I have built that Excel spreadsheet, when I have emptied that dishwasher, when I have finished that television series, I have done something with my life.

Right now, I’m procrastinating on pulling weeds in my yard.

I’ve always thought there’s a metaphor there, but never quite sure exactly what it is.

For me, weeds are the never-ending project, a growth only slowed by snow and driven by heat. Weeds that are resistant to chemicals, so I must break my body trying to pull them from their embedded subterranean roots. Weeds that grow alongside the dead grass; a mockery, reminding me that the beautiful and soft lives are the most fragile when the sun beats down. Weeds that proliferate more quickly than I can repair, leaving me hopeless and despondent, wallowing in my Sisyphean drudgery for as long as we own this house.

But that’s melodramatic.

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Jesus to vs. Jesus for

Reblogging from this amazing, warm and genuine woman of God. I absolutely love her heart for the Gospel, especially as she portrays it in this post. Great questions, great transparency, and I literally cannot say enough about this woman (except that I’m thrilled to spend the rest of my life with her.)


My fiancee Jakob and I have been engaged for a whole month as of tomorrow. Wow, that seems crazy. We have been going through pre-marital counseling with our Associate Pastor and his wife, although we often think of them as friends we do life with that we just happen to look up to in the pastoral capacity. From session 1, it has been clear that John and Emily are going to shoot straight with us, and also be sure we don’t dip even a toe into the pool of denial before our wedding day in April regarding the difficulty, struggle, and also the beauty that marriage will be. From real life, my struggle with codependency, and one of these counseling sessions springs this post. Let me be begin by saying that I use the word codependency to mean that I place an unhealthy amount of value on others’ opinions of…

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Our Story

Never gonna give you up

Never gonna give you up

Where do I even begin with this?

I could begin with the moment I saw this astounding girl on eHarmony and really hoped she’d message me back. Or maybe the hours we spent on our first date, sitting in the park outside the library talking about where we were on 9/11. Or our second date where I was made french toast, then proceeded to get lost in the wilderness not once, but twice.  But I’ll fast forward through some of the tremendously wonderful past few months that I’ve had to get to the “good part,” the part I know you really want to hear about. The part that starts with the ring.

She had been so sly as to clue me onto a wedding ring that had been posted on her Pinterest years ago. I found the Etsy page that let me order her ring, handcrafted from a private jeweler near Black Butte, Oregon. This was back in March. She knew the ring was coming (because I’m terrible at keeping surprises) so we slowly got the ball rolling on planning a wedding. Slightly non-traditional, but at the same time we both knew that we had found the person that we wanted to marry. I mean, a ring was on the way, my intentions were made known, so why not start planning?

It was a grueling four months, meandering in this purgatory of knowing the ring is on the way, but not “officially” being engaged yet. Kristen knew it was coming, but she didn’t know exactly when it would arrive or how I had planned to propose except: 1) It would likely be in Cannon Beach, on the Oregon Coast, where I had first asked her to be my girlfriend, and 2) I would give her fair warning that she should get a manicure shortly before I planned to propose. There were a few instances in those months when she straight up asked me “So… has the ring come yet?” to which I longingly told her “Not yet.” We simply waited. That was until Tuesday, July 23. I received an e-mail from the jeweler letting me know that the ring was en route. So naturally I did two things. First, I freaked out. Second, I started making plans.

Never gonna let you down

I made plans with her to go to the coast the following Tuesday, July 30th. We both had the day off, so we could take the entire day at our leisure. But I had another plan. Our first date was sometime late last July, and though we’d forgotten the exact date, I had wanted to re-create the evening to commemorate the year that we had known each other. I’m a romantic, what can I say? I tell her my desire, not letting on that it’s a huge deal, but just that it’s something I’d been wanting to do, and it’d be a nice addition to our “special coast trip.” Our date consisted of going to one of our now-favorite restaurants, Thai House, then walking down by the river and picking blackberries, then getting ice cream at the old-fashioned ice cream shop near the heart of downtown Hood River, and walking across the street to the park in front of the library where we would sit and talk until long after sunset. We decided to do all that again, and I decided that I would surprise her with a proposal that night at the park.

The next few days, however, I waffled on whether or not I should take her to the park or to the coast. They both had their advantages; the coast was remarkably beautiful and breathtaking, while the park was locally significant and equally a landmark of our relationship. After asking a few educated, knowledgable confidants their opinion, I eventually settled on the park. But I also decided to get a few friends in on the fun.

We attend a small group on Sunday nights, and I told everyone about my plan after Kristen had left early for work. I had already planned to have my friend Josh follow to take pictures and capture the evening for us. What I hadn’t planned, however, was inviting our new friend Sarah to come as well. As it turned out, Sarah had some experience with wedding photography and already owned a fancy camera, which meant I wouldn’t have to steal Kristen’s fancy camera from her room. The trap was set. Kristen and I do our romantic date re-creation. Josh and Sarah take pictures at the park. Fun stuff.

Commence butterflies.

Commence butterflies.

Now it’s Monday morning, E-Day, and I go to pick up my engagement ring from the post office because, of course, they tried to deliver it on Friday but I wasn’t home so I had to wait the longest weekend of my life before finally holding the ring in my hand. And can I be honest with you? When I got back into my car to look at the ring, my stomach got tied up in such huge knots, I almost threw up. I was so nervous and excited I didn’t even know what to do with myself. I felt confident she would say yes, but I still wanted to make everything go off without a hitch because you only get one shot at this. Kristen is really good at planning, and I’m not great, so I almost thought about having her help me plan it. After all, she had already started to suspect something was up by this point. But no — I would see this plan through. I had to work that day, but my coworker was kind enough to come in early so that I had plenty of time to prepare. It bought me an extra hour and a half until Kristen thought I would be off work and we’d get ready for our date.


The drink special board written by our catering manager, Natalie

After I got off, I had a bit of time to kill so I took care of one important thing — I asked for her dad’s blessing. He lives in Virginia, so I hadn’t yet had a chance to meet him, and we had only briefly talked prior to this conversation. I called and we ended up talking for almost thirty minutes as he got to know me, asked me about my life and ambitions, encouraging me to let “the King reign.” After one of the most nerve-wracking conversation of my life (including the question “what will you do if she says no? Will you hit her?”… he’s a joker) he eventually gave me his blessing.

I come to Kristen’s house, she’s still getting ready, and I go to the other room to bite off all my nails. She comes down the stairs like that scene in “She’s All That,” except she has always been the most gorgeous woman I know, still somehow even more so in this moment. We sit inside at Thai House, though we’d originally eaten outside. It was a sweltering day. We ordered the same food we got that first date, though on our first date, our entrees were accidentally delivered to a separate table who, incidentally, loved our choices. I barely ate two bites, as nervous as I was. We played with the idea of breaking our tradition and not going blackberry picking, since the temperature wasn’t cooling any time soon. But as we get in our car to leave to the next spot we see something odd. There’s a man about 20 feet in front of us, sneaking around a broken down van acting very suspiciously. Kristen is a 911 Dispatcher, so both our minds quickly went to criminal activity. What was far stranger was the man, now hiding on the opposite side of a mini-van, seemed to be lifting his phone to take a picture of us. What a creeper! Feeling quite startled, we drive around to see this man hunched down in the fetal position, hands over his head, desperately trying to hide from us in broad daylight. Something smelled fishy. Kristen dialed the non-emergency police line to report suspicious activity as we begin to remove ourselves from the scene. After she hangs up, she verbalizes possibilities as to what that could be about. “You didn’t tell someone to follow us, did you?”


I had totally forgotten about Josh and Sarah, thinking they wouldn’t show up until the park, but they had shown up outside Thai House. This made it fairly easy to act as if I was just as surprised as she was, because, well, I was. Josh set up behind the van and Sarah was practically inside a dumpster. Talk about dedication! After everything clicked, I tried to bust out a text to Josh and Sarah warning them that incarceration may be in their future. Luckily, they were gone by the time police arrived, though apparently we had a couple of friends interrogated on the scene!

Kristen and I, attempting to recover from our alleged Peeping Josh, skipped blackberry picking and went straight to ice cream and the park. I was acting weird, sending some quick texts to Josh and Sarah to make sure everyone was in position. We eventually sit in the park, enjoy our ice cream, and get started talking through some of the pre-marital counseling “homework” we’d been given the prior week.

Our questions started out with unspoken or un-communicated expectations going into marriage. I said my piece, which was a jumble of nervous words, barely making sense because I couldn’t keep my mind off what I was about to do.

JBUNZ(A short aside. At this moment, one of our friends Justin, who happens to work at an adjacent coffee shop, appears out of nowhere to come say hi. We awkwardly say hi and make small talk, though it’s difficult to hear over the sound of cars and his distance from us, so he eventually decides to text me. He says “hi.” To which I respond with “DUDE GO AWAY.”)

Kristen follows with some of her expectations, and one that stood out was “no lying.” Of course, I had presumed that going into a forever-relationship, but I also wanted to clear the air. And so I begin with something along these lines.

“Kristen, I love you so much. I really appreciate everything you have to say, but I think this is as good of an opportunity as any. I want to enter in to this relationship with no lies, and to the end I have to make a confession. When we saw that guy by the van, I think I know who it was. I asked Josh to follow us tonight because… well, maybe I should just do this.”

And I got down on one knee.

She said yes

She said yes!

I won’t trouble you with the somewhat saccharine sentiments that followed. I expressed my love and appreciation for her. And you know what?

She said yes.

Josh and Sarah appeared for pictures and a champagne, and Kristen called the cops to let them know it was a false alarm. After a few minutes to calm our excitement, the four of us went to Solstice to celebrate with some appetizers and wood-fired s’mores. Our owner, Aaron, bought us a round of drinks while the rest of the staff chipped in for a bottle of champagne. I was surrounded by coworkers-turned-family congratulating us with hugs and cheers. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect day, a more wonderful celebration, or a more awe-inspiring bride-to-be.

Pretty girl, pretty ring

Pretty girl, pretty ring

We’ve already picked a date and made a deposit on a venue. We’ll be married on April 24th, 2015 in Canby, Oregon. We’ll be spending the next 8 months not just planning for a wedding, but preparing for a marriage. I’m incredibly honored and blessed to have found someone who thinks I’m funny, who encourages me to be a better man, who makes an effort to know me and love me even at my worst and most childish, while we get to enjoy being a little bit child-like together.

I want to say thank you to all of our family and friends who have celebrated with us in every point in our relationship so far. So many people have played a huge role, and there are literally hundreds of people who have helped to shape and form the people we have become and are becoming. A shout-out to eHarmony, because apparently something went right in our match. If you’ve read this far, you obviously care about us quite a bit, so thanks to you as well! Additionally, we both feel humbled in the light of a Savior who has called us to grow closer to Him as we grow closer to each other. I’m excited for “Our Story” as it has been told and will be written for many years to come.

This isn’t the end. We’re constantly reminded this is only the beginning of a new chapter.

But oh, what a wonderful beginning.

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A Prayer.


Scenes of You come rushing through

Oh Lord
You searched me and you know me
When I lie down and when I rise
You know my heart
You know my jealousy and my pride
My ingratitude and impatience
My lust and my greed
You hear my curses cast
On those You’ve called ‘Beloved’
You’ve seen both my faces
Even when they flash moments apart
You’ve seen me drunk and stupid
You’ve known me brash and foolish
You’ve tolerated, proud and haughty
And guarded my wanton heart

Still I am persuaded
That should I be alone on earth
The cross would be mine
That if mine were the only debt owed
Your blood would ever flow

Such love is too wonderful for me
That you would die for my freedom
Rise the victor
Defeat my captor
Stay as Advisor
To empower and lead
That we may be together again
Such love is too wonderful for me

Please change my heart to reflect
The selfless heart
The irresistible love
The unquenchable compassion
Of Your life in me.

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Reflections on Auld Lang Syne – 2014


If you’d give me a chance, believe I can change

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.
2 Corinthians 5:17


The year has been a whirlwind. I’ve made the most drastic changes in my life to date. Once again, I’ve lost friends and made friends. I’ve met a best friend and partner. I’ve moved a total of three times: to Portland, to Beaverton, and finally to settle in Hood River. I’ve driven 15,000 miles this year, sold or given away a slight majority of my possessions, quit two jobs and started two jobs. At the end of it, I’ve realized that there are really no “ends” in life, save one, and everything between no and then is just an opportunity for new beginnings. 

God has been faithful to me. In more ways than the obvious material ways, such as jobs, relationships, etc, but in the intangible ways. I’ve learned a great deal about myself, immeasurably more than there was to know. I’ve seen Jesus’ hands and feet in my friends and family (especially my girlfriend) who have been patient with me when I’m fickle, obstinate, hard-headed and flat out dumb. Above all this, I’m simultaneously humbled and encouraged to know that I am undone. It can be frustrating to know you’re not finished, especially when all your life you’ve tried to be perfect. It’s humbling, if not humiliating, to continuously screw up in relationships, either between myself and other humans or between myself and God. It’s humbling to know that despite all my insufficiencies, my failures, my not-good-enoughs, Jesus has not only refused to give up on me, but he actively pursues me. It’s a love I can’t begin to understand, and hope to learn to imitate.

I’m not one for resolutions. I generally see them as opportunities to be guilty a couple months into the year. Specific goals can be helpful, and easy to attain, but I don’t want to reach for one rung of an endless ladder and declare myself done just inches from the ground. But there are many things I hope to achieve and attain to this year.

I want to be a better me. I want to care about my health and exercise, not because I want to impress someone, but because I want to be healthy. I want to cultivate healthy relationships. I want to avoid toxic relationships. I want to pray more openly, I want to love more fully, I want to give more recklessly. I want to risk more. I want to trust more. I want to climb more trees. I want to get lost. I want to see every single moment as a sacred opportunity. I want to wade in waters of redemption, and rest knowing my sins are paid in full. I want to live a life that reflects the grace given to me. I want to know healing. I want to offer forgiveness and mercy. I want people to see Jesus, not because I go knocking on doors, thumping Bibles, or shoving religion down throats, but because His love is seeping from my pores. I want to be new from the inside out. I want to be the new creation that I know I am.

Nothing is wasted. God is working. You are a new creation. The old has gone. Behold; the new has come.

Happy New You. 

I have cast my anchor in the port of peace, knowing that past and present are in nail-pierced hands.

–Vally Of Vision


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What’s Up With Jakob? — Part Three


Say it ain’t so

Part 1
Part 2

“Bar training” happened a couple days after I was hired — and it was a disaster. I immediately found out that the bar manager (whom they had hired for their new liquor expansion) had no idea that I had been hired by one of the other managers. And it wasn’t exactly training, so much as setting up the bar and creating drink recipes. This was three days before we were to be “open” for a benefit party for those who had joined the Kickstarter effort to fund the move. There was a lot of work to be done, and the bar manager proved to be utterly incompetent. I soon found out that though he had owned a bar in Mexico, he had never bartended before, nor did he drink alcohol. He had hired two female bartenders who also had no bartending experience. Yikes.

Though I was a little apprehensive, I slowly waded into the waters of giving him advice on how a bar should be, how recipes should taste, how presentation should be, and taught the bartenders some of the basics of bartending, including seemingly fundamental things like how to shake a martini. I arrived for bar training thinking I would be the one getting trained, and I ended up doing the training.

The next week or so was kind of a blur as we were rushing to put together the restaurant, the bar, get POS systems and recipes organized, all while still learning as much as I could about this new restaurant and its menu. The fundraiser came, and we were ready to go, but it quickly became apparent that our bar manager was getting in the way more than helping. I could spend over an hour talking about all the red flags that made me realize this manager was bad news, but the owners saw enough to let him go the day before our soft opening. We had a catering manager step in as an interim bar manager. She took over and did an awesome job of pricing, scheduling, organizing, and doing the grunt work that was needed as a manager.

ImageAs a show of appreciation for my leadership and endurance, she decided to make me lead bartender, which includes a $2 an hour raise and my choice of schedule. They give me the creative freedom to make drink specials, value my opinion on bar decisions, and trust me with the responsibility to own bar operations. If you know me, it’s basically my dream job, and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve been full every night since we opened two weeks ago, and I love every second.

So that’s me. I love this girl. I love this town. I love this job. This year has been amazing and full of changes, and while it’s in no way a “my life is complete” moment, I’m happy with the direction my life has taken. I’m blessed beyond measure. I’ll be sharing some more introspective thoughts on how things have felt in the past few months, but I wanted to give you a bit of an update on the details of what’s been happening. Thanks for your prayers and support.

And if you’re in Phoenix, come visit me ASAP.

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What’s Up With Jakob? — Part Two

If home is where the heart is, then my home is where you are

If home is where the heart is, then my home is where you are

Read Part 1

The morning comes when I’m supposed to move into the trailer. I wake up with dread. I really didn’t want to move into a trailer. It didn’t feel right, and I kind of panicked. I called the man who was going to rent me the trailer, asked him to give me a few days to get some things together, and I was going to keep looking for a better place, hoping for a miracle. Three days later, I found an online ad for a room for less money than the trailer, closer than the other house I was considering, and in an amazing neighborhood. I texted the number on the ad, and after a few messages back and forth, we realized we both worked at the same hotel – he in the restaurant, and I in banquets. I was benefitted by a mutual acquaintance who was kind enough to vouch for me, and he decided to offer me the room. A cozy room in a large house with three guys. It was a perfect stipulation with one minor caveat — no pets.

This is probably the hardest part of the story, but as the Fray said, sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. I let my friend Ashley from the Cheesecake Factory adopt my dog Reese. Ashley was the one who watched Reese while we visited Phoenix, and she had taken care of her a few weekends while I was between jobs. When I looked at it objectively, I knew it was the mature decision. This transitory period of my life made it difficult to take care of a dog well. When Reese had too much energy, she was destructive, and couldn’t stay inside. Outside was no good either, because it was getting too cold. She needed to be with someone who wasn’t working all the time, or out and about. And when I saw how happy Reese looked one day when Ashley came to take her for a weekend, I knew it was the right match.

While all this was happening, still in the first week of December, I was looking for a second job in Hood River that would allow me to leave the Cheesecake Factory. Working in banquets was nice, but it wouldn’t allow me enough hours to survive. I wanted a serving or bartending job that would give me cash in hand, preferably at a place with an opportunity for growth. I found a place up in the ski area of Mt. Hood, at the Cooper Spur resort. The chef was looking for someone to help with the front of house operations, as they were expanding to breakfast service. It was about a half hour south of Hood River, up the mountain, through some icy and snowy passes. I was offered the job, and slept on it. The next day, I decided against it. It could be a promising position, but with winter weather becoming increasingly severe, I decided it would be too long of a drive and too much of a risk, not knowing if the restaurant would even survive, not to mention my inability to drive in icy conditions.

I talked my decision through with Kristen, as I tend to process verbally, and I realized I really wanted to work at this place called Solstice. I had sent my resume and cover letter over a month prior. She seemed a little surprised at my resolve, because I had contacted them so long ago with no response. But something in my heart felt like that would be my dream job. Sure enough, not even two days later, I got a call asking if I could interview! Awesome. I set up an interview for the following afternoon, nail the interview, met the owners, and I’m hired immediately.

Part 3

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What’s Up With Jakob? — Part One


Oh the weather outside is weather

Let’s call this my belated Christmas letter.

There have once again been a plethora of changes in my life. I haven’t intentionally left my friends and family in my dark, but somewhere along the way I decided I like to wait until the dust settles on big changes. Now that the dust is starting to settle, let me give you a glimpse at where I am and where I’ve come from in the past few months.

I’ve been dating Kristen, an amazing young woman I met on eHarmony, for a few months now. She lives in Hood River, Oregon, which is about an hour and twenty minutes from my old place in Beaverton. It’s a small touristy town that is quiet in the winter and insane in the summer. It’s a prime spot for kite boarding, windsurfing, and various other water sports on the Columbia River. The winter sports still have their draw, as many will lodge here and drive up to Mt. Hood or Mt. Adams for skiing or snowboarding. It’s a lovely town, albeit a bit small, but warm and welcoming nonetheless.

After a couple months of driving back and forth once or twice a week, I decided it would be in the best interest of the relationship to try and move closer to her. So that’s exactly what I did. In early November I started looking for a job somewhere in the Columbia Gorge — the region east of Portland — to get at least a little closer to her.

As I was searching the online classifieds for help wanted posts, I found that the Best Western Plus Hotel was hiring for help in their banquets department. The convenient part of this opportunity was that it happened to be the same hotel where Kristen worked, so I already had an “in.” After a bit of Kristen bugging the banquets manager, I eventually got an interview two weeks before Thanksgiving. I was hired on the spot. Phase one complete.

ImageNow I needed to find a place to live. On the days I had to work at the hotel, Kristen and her mom were gracious enough to let me crash on their cot. This was not a long term solution. I was still working at the Cheesecake Factory, trying to balance two jobs an hour and a half between each other, which also wasn’t a long term solution. Around this time I found a surprising opportunity of a room for rent with a guy who lives about ten minutes south of Kristen, a bit up in the country, in a peaceful house. There were a few things not ideal – no washer or dryer, he smoked a ton of weed, and the house was a bit far from town, but the price was decent, so I decided to move in. I was all ready to go for the first of December, until a curveball came.

I was trying to communicate with this guy about details of the move-in around Thanksgiving time, but he seemed dodgy and flaky. He was slow to text back, and didn’t answer my phone calls. Turns out that his uncle was temporarily out of a house and needed a place to stay for a while. He told me that family came first, and he needed to help out his uncle, which I understood, but that threw a wrench in my plans. I was out of a place to stay. I thought I had gotten very lucky with this house, as rooms and houses are in high demand and low supply out in the Gorge, so now I’m screwed. He said to check in with him in a month if I was still looking, but I was out of luck for the time being.

I kept looking through the classifieds, looking for a room to share, and I found a man who was renting out his trailer for $400 a month. Honestly, it was crap. It was dirty, old, run down, and gross. But the price was right, and I needed a place to stay for real, because I was having someone sublease my apartment in Beaverton, moving in the first of December. I agree to move in to the trailer in a week’s time, staying at Kristen’s in the meantime.

Read Part 2

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Thoughts on letting go


You came to my rescue

One of my favorite movies is “Fight Club.”

The story is great – it’s edgy, it’s different, it’s a little bit dark. I know a lot of Christians who just don’t get my obsession with it, or how I can sit through dozens of viewings. The reason that “Fight Club” has become my litmus test for whether a girl is marriage material is because I see an almost cultish religion or theology behind the story. Like a human relationship, you may not understand the first or second time you see it, but once you begin to understand the characters, their motivations and backstories, you slowly start to understand it.

My favorite quote from the movie comes after a moment of duress, and amidst the conflict, one character says to the other:

 “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

The movie presents a pseudo-theology; one I might avow, if only in a nihilistic world apart from the God made known in Jesus. While many facets of this so-called religion would never align with orthodox Christianity, I believe the quote above lies perfectly within a scriptural, Christian narrative.

Matthew 10:39

Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. (ESV)

This three-worded gospel is one I find throughout Fight Club as well as the Word of God:

Just. Let. Go.

This mantra has been my motivation far less than I should like, but has been the best advice I’ve ever received. In a world without deity, such as “Fight Club” it simply means ceasing to care what anyone thinks. Forget what anyone thinks of you. Forget social norms. Forget morals. In some ways, forget self-preservation — death holds no value, because you’re already nothing. This is well and good apart from any form of a godhead. And while it may be carefree, but it’s also deeply lamentable.

When we are told to “let go,” and thus relinquish anxieties and concerns that weigh us down, we don’t transcendentally receive some sort of miraculous absolution that makes life golden and perfect. The ambiguity of the phrase “let go” has been tritely overused by well-meaning Christians for so many years that it’s lost all potency. The question we’re faced with so often is simply “how?” You make it seem so easy! How can I just “let go” of the guilt, the shame, the anger, the frustration? Why do you expect me to? To whom am I letting go?

If, however, the object and recipient of our actions of release is a loving, benevolent character deserving our trust because of his ability to steward all things, then the interaction changes from a process of letting a balloon fly into the stratosphere, into something much more intentional and thus, immensely more reassuring.

We have such a steadfast guardian. We have a Father. Jesus calls Him “abba,” — our daddy. When we let go, we don’t just give it up haphazardly unto nothingness. We abdicate the things we would so tightly grasp unto One whom we believe belongs “the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever and ever.” We “let go” to our loving Father who holds the universe and simultaneously counts the hairs on our head. We entrust our lives to the trustworthy.

I’m halfway tempted to get the phrase “let go” tattooed somewhere instantly visible because of my propensity to forget how painful it is to hold onto things that I should have given up a long time ago. There are past relationships that I wish I could manipulate to make things right. I still feel bitterness, hurt, sadness, or any of the wide array of negative emotions. There are things in my present life that stress me to no end – bills to pay, people to please, careers to advance. I look to the future and see a grey void filled with question marks that make me want to scream from fear and anxiety.

But I hear the voice of my Maker saying “let go.” He invites me to trust Him. Even if I have to let go time and time again, each time He says “Believe me. I’m in control. I can handle it.” Our God would not see us weighed down by these preoccupations, when the life He’s promised offers inordinately more freedom and security under His protection: joys we quickly forfeit when we grasp too tightly to our own ideals and presumptions, our hurts and hang ups, our manipulations and pandering.

After all, it’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.

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When you've given up the drink and those nasty cigarettes

When you’ve given up the drink and those nasty cigarettes

If you can’t let love go
Douse it with gasoline
Watch it burn and fade away
Then, you can be free

Light a match, and drink it in
’til no longer what it used to be
A faded, jaded memory
Just like you and me

Ashes make no grand puzzle
No hope to piece together this mess
The past is burnt and charred, my dear
I won’t let my future be a guess

So cheers to you – this is the end
A toast to what has been
When flame no longer dances on my face
I will be cold again

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