Just Let Go

All of the words and all of my life

When I realized the schemes of
My desires and things I
Thought maybe, just maybe
I could have it all

Perhaps if I should grow up one day
And see the spread, see my array
Certain, it seems, that everything owned
Would finally make me complete

And I, even I, would stand tall and alone
Above the brave soldiers who fell
Those pitied young souls who grew lazy
Malcontent yet somber they settled in their trenches

Of course, whispers of ‘best laid plans’
And fables of failure and folly would flutter
My ears would have none; resolute the mind
For I can have it all

Til dream became drab
Toil and trial would follow
Fallen, chagrined, and despondent
Perplexed at the road filled with suffering

Alone indeed, yet not so tall
Above none, and never so destined
A trench of humiliation and


Found I, with time,
That should I never fall in the pit
I should never write of this
Or care to share testimony at all

For here there is singing, and dancing
Laughter, yes laughter from hearts
From overblown hearts that need to be shared
Perspective allowed me to change the way I thought
And the way I acted
And the way I was
So that I could be free
To live and love
Laugh and sing
Play and so blissfully relinquish care

For it was truly better not to rise above
To have it all: perfection
For perfection is in the imperfect
An irony written in stone

Wisdom for the generations is this,
Not handed to me but learned from grace
That no better advice can free your soul
Saved, when He whispered…






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One Response to Just Let Go

  1. Jakob Lillvik – A son, a poet, and a wandering heart.

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