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A Prayer.

Oh LordYou searched me and you know meWhen I lie down and when I riseYou know my heartYou know my jealousy and my prideMy ingratitude and impatienceMy lust and my greedYou hear my curses castOn those You’ve called ‘Beloved’You’ve seen … Continue reading

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Knowing Me, Knowing You

Of the following, which would make you more nervous? A. Speaking to a large convention of colleagues B. Making a presentation to your CEO C. A long car ride with a person you just met D. Talking about your deepest … Continue reading

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She walks beneath the flickering streetlight in the part of town you’ve only heard about on the news. The click-clack of her heels bring attention to the blisters that have calloused her soles, and she waits for the John who … Continue reading

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